Reach your target audience via video advertising directly to video gamers – one of the most valuable digital demographics on the planet. Gamers have a higher disposable income, and are more likely to be university educated than the general population. They are highly influential and make over half of their purchases online.

a premium

Every video is tracked back to a real gamer – NO bots, 100% transparency and you only pay for 100% completed views. You are only charged once an ad is viewed to the end, or it’s free.

target your

Choose your audience based on your advertising goals. From location, language, device, game type and purchase history, we work together with you to identify the best opportunities for you to reach your objectives.

reward players

Video ad revenue bankrolls player rewards, which are awarded to players as coins to be spent in the PlayVIG store. These can be spent on a range of virtual goods and real world items. Gamers compete for real rewards and have you to thank for it!

  • Brand Safe
  • Unskippable
  • 100% Viewability
  • 100% Completion
  • User Initiated
  • Valuable Audience
  • Fraud

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