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Win cash, gift cards & more for your game play

Compete in hundreds of Quests and Leaderboards to win cash and prizes. Watch a quick video ad before you begin playing and the PlayVIG app will track your progress in real-time. VIG Coins are automatically rewarded for completing Quests, or placing on our Leaderboards. Exchange them in the PlayVIG Store for cash, gift cards, gaming products and more.

Quests, Leaderboards and Knockouts Running 24/7

Quests - Choose from wins, streaks and skill-based Quests. Complete the objectives and tasks at your own pace to win a pre-set number of VIG Coins.

Leaderboards - Track your position on the Leaderboard relative to the other players. Make as many attempts to place higher on the Leaderboards to get a bigger piece of the prize before it ends.

Knockouts - Pit your skills against other PlayVIG gamers. Enter Knockouts and earn VIG Coins faster as you show off your skills. Best player wins!